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Jeff Ansorge
Director, Food and Nutrition
Colleen Fairbanks
Julie Moberg
Lead Food Service Specialist (Free and Reduced Meals)
Irfan Chaudhry
Assistant Director
Melanie Gates
Jim Quast
District Chef

 All schools in ISD 279 – Osseo Area Schools participate in the National School Lunch Program where nutritious breakfast and lunch meals are served every school day. All meals served meet nutritional standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If a child has been determined by a physician to have a disability and the disability prevents the child from eating the regular meal, we will make modifications or substitutions prescribed by the physician at no additional charge. Please have your physician complete the forms available on the District 279 website at

State funds help to pay for reduced-price school meals, so all students who are approved for either free or reduced-price school meals will receive school meals at no charge. State funds also help to pay for breakfasts for kindergarten students, so all participating kindergarten students will receive breakfasts at no charge.

Student Meal Accounts/ Payments

Online Payments

To make an online Food Service payment, You will first need to create an account. Click here for a guide on how to create your account and click on the Fork and Knife icon to route you to the account site.

Please note: Osseo DOES NOT use a family key for the registration. Please click "I do not have a key" when completing the set-up. 

Once your account is created add your payment source and apply funds. Your student's balance will update in the school's Lunch system within 5-10minutes.

STAFF: if you are a staff member that wants to set up an online payment account, please use your staff ID and the birthdate of 1/1/1990 during the setup process. If your ID does not work, please call 763-391-7129 or 763-391-7066 for assistance. 

Meal Prices:

Elementary Breakfast (1-6) - $1.55
Kindergarten                      - $0.00

MS Breakfast (7-8)             - $1.60

HS Breakfast (9-12)           -  $1.60


Elementary Lunch     -$2.55

MS Lunch                 -$2.70

HS Lunch                 -$2.85

**Reduced Prices for all reimbursable meals in the State of MN is $0.00

Student Meal accounts are family based. Siblings in the same family account will share the funds available and payments made will be applied to the family account balance. 

Unpaid Meal Balance Procedures

                                                 UNPAID MEAL BALANCE PROCEDURES
PURPOSE: To establish consistent meal account charging procedures throughout the school district.
                                                    GENERAL STATEMENT OF PROCEDURE:
A. Osseo Area Schools offers breakfast and lunch at all schools. Food & Nutrition Services strives to serve quality meals in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner.
B. Osseo Area Schools recognizes the parent/guardian responsibility to provide meals for their children. Proper nutrition is essential for proper learning to take place.
C. Students may purchase meals when funds have been deposited into their personal account, via cash, check or online payments. A meal will not be taken from a student regardless of their ability to pay.
D. Families may apply for free/reduced meals at any time during the school year. Applications are available online through the district website. Paper applications are also available at the district office and all school offices.

A. The meal program is a pre-payment program. Families are expected to have a positive balance in their student’s meal account throughout the course of the school year, or have a current application for educational benefits completed prior to the start of the school year.
B. A USDA approved breakfast and lunch is available to all students. A meal will not be taken from a student, regardless of their ability to pay
C. If a meal account has sufficient funds, a la carte items may be available for purchase.

A. Automated emails and phone calls are made on Wednesdays of each week to families whose student(s) has a balance of $5.00 or less in their meal account and are not receiving free or reduced priced meals. Families may set up alerts and automatic payments to student accounts via their FeePay account.
B. Families will receive notification of their student’s unpaid account balance from the education service center by a letter sent to the home address on September 15th, February 15th and June 15th. This letter will be in the form of a bill and will be sent to all families whose students have negative meal account balances.